Save money. Save your baby's planet. Rent their clothes.

How do I rent baby clothes?

Parenting is hard. Saving the planet is hard. Borro makes both easier. Rent organic baby clothes and save money, time and create the best future for your baby.

How do I rent baby clothes?

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    Shop! Prices are the monthly cost of renting each item.

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    Keep your chosen baby clothes for however long you want. Don't worry about stains - insurance is included.

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    When you're finished, send them back for free using the free returns label.

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  • Hannah

    ***** "Love the items from Borro! People ask where I get my clothes from and I can proudly say we rent them now! Thanks Borro! Love Ducky Zebra brand so great to be able to rent whilst my baby boy shoots through sizes! Like that you get packaging to return items too. Plus eco friendly is always a bonus!"

  • Emma

    ***** "Really enjoying the process of renting from Borro for my little one - the clothes are lovely and generous size-wise. I’ve had a lot of positive comments on the clothes which I don’t normally get with my kids’ wardrobes! Easy returns and rental process and the customer service is second to none."

  • Danika

    ***** "I love! Ownership is so last year… renting is the way forward! Great quality, sustainable beautiful clothes that I honestly wouldn’t have been able to afford to buy new, that we can wear and return ready for someone else to love when our son has grown out of them! What’s not to love?"

  • Drew

    ***** "Borro is the hidden gem all parents need for sustainability and affordability! Borro takes a refreshing approach to renting clothing as you do not need to rent a whole capsule wardrobe. It’s refreshing as I know I’m being sustainable and the brands Borro stock are suddenly more affordable as you only pay to use the items the months you use them! We love Borro!" - Drew

  • Sophie

    ***** "This is such a great business! Eco-friendly, budget-friendly and an all round very friendly service. Borro is speedy, convenient and really well organised for busy parents!"

  • Glynda

    ***** "I’ve really enjoyed renting high quality clothes from Borro. I have had a lot of positive comments about how great the clothes are. Borro is such a fantastic concept with a fantastic selection of clothes and so easy to use, I would definitely recommend!"

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Why should I rent baby clothes?

The best for your baby (and your wallet!)

Rent the best, high quality baby clothes brands like Mori, Kite, and Little Green Radicals at a fraction of the price of buying.

Rent Mori

Save their planet

Renting means you're doing the best thing for the planet and your little one. Our clothes are organic, meaning best for babies skin and the environment. And renting your baby clothes means that you're sharing the love with lots of other little ones!

Why is renting sustainable?

Get time back for yourself

No more piles of outgrown baby clothes to sort, rent the size you need and send them back when you're finished. Renting your baby clothes couldn't be easier - no minimum subscription, cancel whenever, free returns and we never charge you for stains!

How do I rent baby clothes?