Rental packaging and delivery

Rental packaging

We want to make renting baby clothes as sustainable as possible, which means examining all of our emissions at every stage. Packaging is obviously key to make sure your baby clothes arrive in perfect condition. The bags we use are plastic free, made from cornstarch, and can be reused to send your baby clothes back. At the end of their life they can be composted at home or commercially. Our stickers are even eco-friendly as the paper used is recycled and printed with vegetable-based inks.

Reusable packaging for renting baby clothes

Delivering and returning your baby clothes

We use Evri to deliver your baby clothes whose fleet includes 168 fully electric vans. However this is one area we need to improve on, as our delivery is not carbon neutral. We know this is a large part of our carbon footprint and so will be addressing it as soon as possible. Your free return can be dropped off at your nearest Evri parcelshop or locker which hopefully prevents an extra journey being made in the car to the post office.

You may have noticed that we charge for delivery rather than offering free delivery on all orders, or over a certain amount. Even though free delivery has been shown to increase sales, as a sustainable business, we don't want to encourage you to order more than you need. Also, given that delivery does have a significant carbon cost, we think it's right to add a price which helps reflect that.