Why should I rent with Borro?

You want the best kids' clothes without the price tag or environmental cost? Then rent with Borro! 

No fixed plans

Head to our shop and browse through our clothes. All the prices you see are the monthly cost for renting that item. No chunky or clunky payment plans. Only pay for what you need, as long as you need it. Making rental work for every parent and every budget.

Free and easy returns

All our clothes are delivered to your door in reusable packaging, with a prepaid returns label. Hang onto these, because when you’re done, simply send the clothes back to us at no extra cost.

Free and easy returns with Borro

No confusing credits 

No credits, coins or caps on the number of clothes you can rent. Borro works like a normal shop. The only difference is that the prices are the monthly cost of renting. When you send an item of clothing back, you stop paying for it.

Truly flexible

Because you’re not locked into a fixed subscription plan, you get the ultimate flexibility. Babies are changing all the time, and so is the world around them. You might need to rent their whole wardrobe, or just the odd outfit. Only paying per item means you’ve got every growth spurt, season or special occasion covered.

No fretting

We know that babies are messy, so insurance for staining, wear and tear is covered - there are no hidden costs. Rest assured that all clothes are thoroughly cleaned and prepared before they go to another family. And no need to wash clothes before you return them - that’s another thing we can take off your plate.

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