Why should I rent with Borro?

You want gorgeous baby clothes without the environmental cost? Then rent with us! We give you access to beautiful organic clothes that are just what your baby needs, when they need them.

Easy peasy

As rental is a bit of a new idea for many of us, we’ve worked hard to make renting with Borro as easy as shopping online. There are no set subscription plans to choose from, no minimum numbers of clothes, credits or coins. It all works like a normal shop. The only difference is that the prices are the monthly cost of renting.  

Ultimate flexibility

OK so we all know that babies grow quickly, but have you also noticed that their needs change all the time? You might have bought a beautiful bundle of clothes which should fit your little one for the next three months. However, a month later, the weather might change and suddenly you need t-shirts for a March heatwave, or jumpers for a snowstorm in August (thank you climate change). Or perhaps they suddenly hate having anything put over their head and jumpers are out and cardigans are in. Babies are not only constantly growing, they’re constantly changing and their clothes need to as well. With Borro you’re not locked into a set bundle of clothes for a set amount of time, you get what you need when you need it. Jumpers no good? Just send them back. Need some cardigans to replace them? Just order some. 

Baby smiling wearing wild print sleepsuit

Affordable baby clothes

As there’s no set subscription price, you can adjust it to suit your budget by altering how many items you rent. All the prices are the monthly cost of renting that item, so you can build a subscription that suits you. Not only can this make it more affordable, it also means you only rent what you need when you need it, which helps keep your carbon footprint down. It also allows you to dip your toe in the renting water and just rent one or two items to start with. Perhaps you have a party or celebration coming up and you want a special outfit? Why not rent it? Or take a leap of faith and rent a whole wardrobe!

Style to suit your baby

We rent well-known eco-friendly brands like Kite, Mori and Newbie, but have also sourced smaller organic brands like Ellie and Lion and Bamboo Baby as we love to support small businesses like us. These brands give us a variety of styles, some minimalist, some maximalist, so you can always find something to suit you, or your baby’s, style.