Baby clothes size guide

You may have noticed by now that although baby clothes may be labelled a particular age range, depending which brand you're buying from, they may vary wildly in actual size! 

When you consider that babies range quite dramatically in size and shape themselves, it's easy to see why some brands go bigger and some smaller. But that doesn't particularly help you when trying to chose clothes that don't swamp or squish your little one. Below you can see some comparisons for the main brands we stock at Borro. Unfortunately it's not straightforward as it depends on the item - Piccalilly for example have really big bodysuits, but their sleepsuits are fairly average. And Mori's yoga pants are much bigger than their everyday leggings.

How do we help with sizing?

  • For items which are which particularly larger or smaller than the average, we have now started to include this in the product descriptions
  • If your items don't fit, return them within a few days and we'll refund you
  • When ordering our bundles we'll select items that are all similar sizes for you
  • Send back any items that your baby grows out of sooner and stop paying for them!

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