Renting baby and kids' clothes FAQ

How much does it cost?

All the clothes are individually priced and there's no minimum amount or set subscription - we're flexible! Rent as many/few things as you like and you'll see at checkout what your monthly subscription will be. (If you want us to pick out a coordinated bundle of 10 items for you, it's £29/month.)

How long can I keep the clothes?

However long you like! We know little ones grow as fast as the weather changes, so just send back items whenever you no longer have a need for them.

You can return all the clothes at once, or just a few items you no longer need and keep the rest. We will pro rata your subscription payments so you only pay for what you have - meaning you save even more money!

What about stains?!

Don't panic! Let us worry about the stains. Stain insurance is included. Obviously it's best to prevent stains if you can, or treat them as soon as possible. But we will never charge you.

Rent baby clothes with Borro

What condition do the clothes come in?

Clothes will come to you as new or in 'excellent used' condition. If you're not happy with the condition of the clothes, let us know and we can organise a refund.

How much is delivery?

Delivery is £2.99 which pays for shipping the order to you plus a free pre-paid returns label for you to return the items.

How do returns work?

Pop them inside the bag/box they came in, attach the free pre-paid returns label, then drop off at your nearest Evri ParcelShop.

We only include one pre-paid returns label per order, so if you choose to send just some of an order back and the rest later, you will need to pay for the postage of the second return. 

Once we've received your items we will amend your subscription so you only pay for what you've got.

We recommend returning items 4-5 days before your subscription renews in order to allow enough time for delivery and processing to avoid your next monthly payment going out. If you're a few days late, you can always cancel online (use the link in the order confirmation email). As long as we receive the clothes within the next few days, that's fine.

I'm pregnant, how can I preorder?

Just use code PREGNANT at checkout to get 1 free month's subscription of 0-3 month baby clothes. You can use this discount to order before your due date to make sure you have everything ready for your baby. We'd recommend ordering at 37 weeks in case your little one comes early! If you have any queries just email us at

When do I start paying?

On checkout you will pay your first monthly subscription payment plus the £2.99 shipping cost. Your future monthly payments will be made on the same day each month, without the shipping cost.

Order packed and ready

How soon will my order arrive?

Your order will be packed and dispatched the next working day. Delivery takes 2-3 working days.

How do I take care of the clothes?

Just as you would your other clothes. Wash at 30 and line dry if possible to help keep your carbon footprint down and prolong the life of each item. No need to wash before you return to us though as all the clothes are cleaned on return.

How are the clothes cleaned?

Washing and drying is a large part of the carbon footprint of clothes so we try and reduce this by cleaning our clothes in an environmentally friendly way, whilst ensuring the highest standards. Powered by renewable electricity, we use wet cleaning (never toxic dry cleaning) with eco-friendly non-bio detergents and stain removers. So you can be certain there are no nasty chemicals next to your baby's skin.

What happens to clothes that are damaged?

First of all we will always try to repair any damage and remove any stains. If the garment can't be saved, it will be upcycled or recycled. Nothing ever goes to landfill, and we'll never charge you.

How do I get new clothes?

You can order new clothes at any time. Just add to your basket and checkout.

You don't need to return your previous order to rent new clothes.

If you have returned your previous clothes, and made a new order, you'll be set up with a completely new subscription. 

Group of babies wearing Mori sleepsuits

Can I gift a subscription?

Yes, great idea! You can buy a gift card here. This is a one off payment and you will receive a gift card code which you can send to your recipient. They can redeem this against any subscription and there's no expiry date.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging onto your account (use the link in your order confirmation email), emailing us at, or just returning all your clothes.

Do the clothes fit cloth nappies?

Some clothes are a better fit for cloth nappies than others. You'll find this is in the description for each item. Bear in mind that for things like bodysuits, you might want to choose a size larger to fit around that gorgeous cloth bum! 

Can I buy clothes if I want to keep them?

Sorry, no. We want lots of families to benefit from each item in order to minimise the carbon footprint. You'll always have the photos of your little one in their gorgeous clothes and your loft space will thank you!

Are your clothes really sustainable?

We only stock brands that have sustainability at their core. We will only ever rent organic cotton and other sustainable materials like bamboo. For more info see Our brands page.

If you have any other questions, just email us at and we'll be happy to help!