Eco deep dive

For all you eco warriors out there, you're in the right place to learn all about the sustainability of subscribing to baby and kids' clothes. There's so much greenwashing about that we want to do our best to be clear and transparent about the environmental benefits. So dive in!

Is Borro more eco than secondhand?

If you're looking for the most sustainable way to dress your baby or child, it's worth considering whether Borro or secondhand would suit you better. Or you can do both! Find out more here.

Which is better?

How does Borro help the environment?

The circular economy is all about reducing the amount of new items that need to be made, and so reducing our use of natural resources.

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Number crunching

It's really important to us that Borro is a great sustainable and that we're clear about our impact so we've crunched the numbers to figure it all out.

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"Eco-friendly, budget-friendly and an all round very friendly service!" - Sophie

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