Borro vs second hand - which is best?

You might think that subscribing to Borro and buying second hand are pretty much the same when it comes to environmental impact, but there are a few aspects that just give Borro the eco-edge:

  1. With Borro, professional cleaning and repair helps to prolong a garment's lifespan. A service you might not employ for your second hand clothes!
  2. Clothes you own tend to linger at the back of a drawer before you get round to donating/reselling them, while in the meantime new items are produced to meet demand.
  3. If you're buying items from multiple second hand sellers, several different deliveries have a greater environmental impact than one shipment from Borro.
  4. 70% of items donated to charity shops are shipped abroad to developing countries where the sheer quantity decimates local textile industries and destroys local jobs. As well as taking a whole lot of energy to get them there.
  5. People are more likely to treat clothes with care if they've borrowed them than if they've picked them up cheap in a charity shop.