By subscribing to 15 items over a year, rather than buying them, you can save 112kg CO2, which is the equivalent of...

  • Flying to Switzerland

    112kg of CO2 equates to 478 miles of air travel which could get you from London to Switzerland. Imagine being able to offset the carbon footprint of your trip just by dressing your little one in gorgeous clothes!

  • 771 disposable nappies

    OK so they're made of plastic and take 500 years to degrade, but they are so handy! Get rid of your nappy guilt by subscribing to Borro!

  • iPad and iPhone

    Used for taking all those photos of your little one, or watching Netflix while feeding, you can offset the complete life cycle emissions for both an iPhone and iPad (133kg) by subscribing to 18 items over 1 year!

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"Borro is the hidden gem all parents need for sustainability and affordability!" - Drew

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