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At Borro it's all about sustainability, so we only stock clothes that are made from eco-friendly materials like organic cotton. We also want to support brands that pay their garment workers a fair wage and make their clothes ethically. Oh, and yes, the clothes are absolutely gorgeous as well. 


All Mori's pieces are thoughtfully crafted using sustainably sourced fabrics and manufactured in trusted factories. As well as being kind to the planet, the fabrics are gentle on a little one’s delicate skin. We rent out their simple, high quality basics like the organic zip up sleepsuits which we now can't live without!

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Kite produces beautiful, bright prints using GOTS organic cotton, and you can subscribe to them here! We love the care that goes into not just their clothes, but their wider impact. Recently, they donated more than £20,000 of clothing to help meet the needs of refugee babies and children recently arrived into the UK from Afghanistan. 

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Little Green Radicals

From the beginning these clothes have always been organic and Fairtrade. Little Green Radicals have blazed a trail for an ethical fashion revolution with their ethically made, bright and colourful clothes. We love their clothes due to their ethical ethos and that the clothes have as much personality as your little one.

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Pigeon Organics

Pigeon Organics love to design and to create beautiful collections for small people. But they also care out where their cotton comes from, who makes their clothes, who stocks them and who wears them. We are proud to be a subscription partner as we love their attention to detail in their eco credentials, from powering the company with green electricity, to their GOTS accreditation and their whole business ethos of keeping it small.

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Turtledove London

Turtledove London produce gender neutral collections which give a calm back drop to childhood and the spontaneity of their creative play. Their designs have a timeless appeal and a simple colour palette.

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We don't just love Piccalilly's colourful prints and GOTS cotton, we're so impressed with their supply chain too. They source their organic cotton from an amazing project called Chetna Organic where the Chetna farmers own a 10% equity stake in the factory who make the clothes. Piccalilly have 100% transparency in the manufacturing process from field through to factory, which is pretty rare in the fashion industry.

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MAI or Making Animals Important is kidswear with a conscience and we're proud they chose us as a subscription partner. We love the beautifully soft unisex clothes which are sustainably made and feature a hand-drawn print of an endangered animal. 5% of MAI's profits go to charity to protect their habitats across the world. 

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Ducky Zebra

Ducky Zebra makes clothes that allow all children, whatever their gender, to celebrate kindness and confidence through colourful, sustainable clothing. We love the bright colourful prints that are truly unisex.

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