Only organic cotton

At Borro we will never stock conventionally grown cotton due to the damage it does to the environment. Organic cotton has a host of amazing benefits, not just for the planet, but for the people who work with it and for your little ones.

Organic best for babies

No chemicals are used during the growing or manufacturing of organic cotton which means you can be sure that the material next to your baby's skin is the most natural and chemical-free. This can reduce irritation of babies' skin which is thinner and more prone to discomfort than adults. 

Organic cotton babygrow

Organic cotton uses less water

Organic cotton uses far less water than conventional cotton, here's why:

  • Crops grown without harsh fertilisers need less water.
  • Organic cotton is mostly grown on smaller farms which are more likely to use rainwater.
  • As the quality of the soil is improved through organic farming, it actually stores more water, helping prevent flooding. 

As well as reducing the demand for water, growing organic cotton means that nearby water sources are cleaner as there are no pesticides washing off the cotton.

Organic cotton helps food security

Rather than monoculture farming, organic cotton is usually grown alongside a variety of crops to help promote healthy soils and reduce weeds and pests. These are often food crops which then help ensure food security for the farmers working there. 

Power to the people

As GM seeds are banned in organic farming, farmers are not reliant on the large corporations selling genetically modified seeds and accompanying fertilisers at exorbitant prices. The absence of harmful pesticides also improves the working conditions for the farmers and their families.

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