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Borro gift card


Give the gift of organic baby clothes to your loved ones. Buy a gift card which your recipient can use against their chosen monthly subscription. 

Recipients can choose the clothes they want, but as a rough guide, this is what each amount will pay for:

  • £10 gift card - 3 items over 1 month
  • £25 gift card - 3 items over 3 months
  • £50 gift card - 5 items over 3 months
  • £75 gift card - 8 items over 3 months
  • £100 gift card - 11 items over 3 months

After you purchase, you will be emailed a code which you can then send on to your chosen lucky person. They can then redeem this against any subscription they choose. Once they have used the gift card amount, they will continue to pay for their subscription, or they can choose to cancel it.