Why should I rent?

Here's how Borro can make a difference to you:

Save the planet for your baby

Saving the planet is hard - cloth nappies, organic veg, zero waste refills... we all know what we should be doing to be eco-friendly, but sometimes it's just too overwhelming, especially with a new baby. Renting makes it easy.

How can renting save the planet?
Save money by renting baby clothes

Save money

Cost of living crisis and a new baby?! No one wants to waste money on clothes their baby will stain or grow out of in a few months.

How can you save money with Borro?

More time for fun!

Fancy spending precious nap times sorting through grown out clothes? You'll be amazed how quickly they mount up! Rent instead and spend that time playing with your baby, sleeping, or just drinking a hot cup of tea.

How can renting save time?
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