Why should you subscribe to Borro?

Here's why our customers love Borro:

"I don't want to spend £££ on new organic clothes"

There’s a reason sustainable brands are expensive - it means the farmers and garment workers are paid a fair wage. But knowing that doesn’t help your bank balance. By renting with Borro, we make it a lot cheaper to clothe your little one in beautiful high quality brands. 

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"I hate sorting through outgrown clothes!"

Although it might seem like a great idea to store all your clothes for the next baby, in reality this can mean a loft overflowing with clothes you forget about or that aren’t suitable for the next little one. Or if you’re planning to resell, you might be surprised how little you get, and it’s just another thing on your to-do list. Subscribing to Borro saves a lot of hassle as you just send them back for free, you don't even need to wash them first!

How do I subscribe to Borro?

"I’m exhausted, please just make it easy!"

Don’t worry, we know the feeling! Sometimes you just don’t have the energy to work it all out. Subscribing to Borro is just like online shopping but you pay monthly for what you have, plus a whole load of other benefits, like free returns and no charges for staining. Check out what's included when you subscribe.


"I want to protect my baby's planet"

Renting 20 items can save 149kg of CO2 a year - equivalent to 1028 disposable nappies! Plus we've sourced only ethically-made clothes which use sustainable fabrics so you can be sure you're doing the right thing for your little one's planet.

Why is renting eco-friendly?
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