Is sustainability at the top of your list?

In response to a question in our recent survey about parents' priorities when looking for baby clothes, 'sustainability' came pretty much at the bottom of the list. Having spoken to people at markets about Borro, this didn't really surprise me, but it did depress me a little! 

With the cost of living crisis, it's no wonder that 'price' is at the top of people's priorities. Also I think most of us are still so disconnected from the realities of the fast fashion machine, it's easy not to consider the environmental impact of the clothes we're buying. And when you're a new parent in particular, you have enough to worry about without having to check if the babygrow you're buying is ethically made with organic cotton! 

I'm hoping that Borro offers enough other advantages to parents, like saving time and money, that even if the sustainability aspect isn't a big draw, the business can still succeed. In the end it doesn't matter why people are using environmentally-friendly products or services, as long as they do! 

What do you think? Is sustainability top of your list? 

Eco friendly baby clothes
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