10 Ways To Save Money At Christmas

With the countdown to Christmas starting earlier every year, it can feel overwhelming to think of the festive period especially if you are on a budget.

Even with the most organised of approaches, it can be easy to get swept away once the Christmas season arrives with all the fun activities and little treats that appear once December hits. 

This is why we are here to show you how you can save money at Christmas, and still enjoy the most wonderful time of the year. 

1. Get Organised Early 

Well before the Christmas period looms start to plan who you will buy for and how much you can afford.

Speak to friends and family, decide whether you are exchanging gifts this year, and consider putting aside some money early on. 

Prioritise those who you need to buy gifts for first, such as children, and make a plan so you know roughly how many people you need to buy for.

2. Set a budget 

Setting yourself a budget early on will help you spread out your spending and allow you to save money for Christmas gifts. 

3. Secret Santa 

If you have a large family, consider setting up a Secret Santa. This way everyone gets a gift and you can spend a little more on that one person than you would have, than if you were buying for everyone. 

4. Rent your kids’ Christmas outfits

Rather than spending a lot of money on a Christmas outfit your little one will wear once or twice, why not rent it? Renting your kids’ Christmas clothes saves you about 90% of the cost of buying and you can return them for free as well!

5. Set aside money for days out 

Once the Christmas period hits, there are many events and Christmas activities that pop up such as ice skating or Santa meet and greets. Preparing in advance for such activities and setting aside some money early on will help you to enjoy these events without worrying about the cost. 

6. Prepare for flash sales

As you get closer to Christmas, shops will run sales and promotions that you don't usually see throughout the year. Black Friday also happens at the end of November and it can be tempting to buy things when you see the price reduced. Avoid buying products unless you are already planning to buy them to prevent impulse purchases. 

7. Quality time is golden 

You don't have to always buy gifts to show appreciation to someone. Spending time with a person, grabbing a coffee, or cooking a meal for them can go a long way. 

8. Bring a dish for Christmas Dinner 

Cooking a large Christmas dinner for all your family and friends can get expensive and stressful. Instead of struggling to make everything yourself, assign each guest or family member a dish for them to make and bring. This helps to save money and also adds to the Christmas spirit. It will also be a lot less stressful come Christmas day. 

9. Sign up for rewards and cashback

Many supermarket chains offer rewards if you sign up using their club cards, apps, or emails. Retail stores also have similar offers, especially at Christmas if you are already signed up for their email subscription. These offers can save you money, especially if you are planning to shop in that store for presents or food. Likewise, many banks offer cashback rewards for shopping with specific retailers. Check the rewards your bank offers and sign up for any stores you regularly shop with or places you plan to buy gifts from. 

10. Get Creative

A homemade gift is often very appreciated and you will have the option to personalise the gift to the person receiving it. Home baked goods, a special framed photo, or a simple item that you have hand-personalised for them to make it more special are great ideas. Grandparents often especially enjoy sentimental gifts or gifts handmade by their grandchildren. 

With some research and pre-planning, and the help of our useful tips, you can make the most of the Christmas period while saving money.

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