How to dress your baby in winter

In the winter months it can be tempting to just snuggle inside with your baby and keep warm and cosy. But both adults and babies benefit from fresh air and studies show it can even help them sleep better at night. So, you've got to go out in the freezing cold - what do you put your baby in?

1. Layers

Dressing your baby in layers means you can easily adjust the level of clothing if they get too hot/cold, or the temperature changes, for example if you're outside and then go into a warm café. A good rule is that your baby should be wearing one more layer than you, so a long sleeve bodysuit, sleepsuit, cardigan or jumper and pramsuit or blankets is a good start. Changing a baby with many layers on is not a lot of fun, which is why clever zip sleepsuits are so handy as you can unzip them from the bottom, meaning you can leave all the top layers on!

2. No coats in cars

Remember to remove any bulky coats or snowsuits for car journeys as these can stop the car seat fitting properly. Instead use blankets to keep your little one warm. You might find it easiest to bring the car seat inside to warm it up a bit and get your baby cosy in it before putting it in a cold car. 

3. Heads and hands

It's important to keep your baby's head and hands warm, but unfortunately they don't seem to realise that and so will often pull or shake off hats and mittens. Luckily our Borro pramsuits and snowsuits have hoods and fold over mittens sewn in to help.

Baby wearing hat and pramsuit

4. Natural fibres

Clothes made from natural fibres like cotton, bamboo and wool are best for helping regulate babies temperature as they're much more breathable than synthetic fibres like polyester. They're also softer and comfier for babies, which is why that's all you'll find at Borro! 

5. Babywearing

Wearing your baby in a sling or carrier means you're keeping them cosy with your body heat. Bear in mind that this might mean they need one less layer, and be sure to keep those dangling feet toasty.

Babywearing plus Borro snowsuit

If in doubt about whether your baby is too hot or cold, feel their tummy or back. Their skin should feel warm and not hot or cold. 

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