Cheap Stocking Fillers For Babies And Toddlers

Looking for stocking filler inspiration for your baby or toddler that doesn't break the bank? When it comes to Christmas things can get expensive and when your children are very little they don't need a lot to be happy. 

Your baby’s first few Christmases are special as you make memories and begin lifelong traditions. From meeting Santa to opening presents on Christmas morning, these moments will become treasured memories for you and your child. 

Filling up a stocking with some in-expensive gifts that are exciting and practical will create a lovely tradition with your baby, and will provide them with a fun activity come Christmas morning. So whether this is your baby’s first Christmas, second, or third, check out our list of cheap stocking fillers for babies and toddlers below.

1. Novelty socks

Keep your baby’s toes nice and cosy and bring a smile to their face with some fun novelty socks. You can get socks with Christmas characters or sensory socks for babies with bells on their toes. 

2. Bubble bath or a baby bath bomb

Most babies love bath time and a bubbly bubble bath or a fizzing bath bomb will make for an exciting experience. My Little Coco has a great range of bubble baths and bath fizzers made with organic skin-friendly ingredients. 

3. Sensory book

Sensory books are great for babies and toddlers. Books with black and white graphics are great for a baby's developing eyes, whereas toddlers will love books with sensory textures or flaps to open. Interesting books are a great stocking filler for 1-year-olds.

4. Stacking Toys

Stacking toys are great stocking fillers for a baby's first Christmas as they help to develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Young children also love the game of repetition and a durable wooden toy like these Little Dutch Stacking Rings could be bought for babies to enjoy as they grow. 

5. Wooden teether

At some point, your baby will be teething and will need a teething aid to help relieve painful gums. Wooden teethers are great baby stocking fillers and an eco-friendly option that can be attached to your pram for easy access. 

6. Sensory scarf 

Babies will love a sensory scarf, especially if they are still very young. Playing with a sensory scarf can help them develop their eye coordination and can be a fun activity. You can also use a sensory scarf with toddlers as a play mat or as part of small-world play.

7. Early Learning Jigsaw

An early learning jigsaw is the perfect toddler stocking filler with an interesting graphic or their favourite animal. This Woodlets Touch & Feel Farm Puzzle has a sensory aspect that will interest toddlers. For babies, you can do the puzzle while they watch during tummy time.  

8. Bamboo dinner set

Make dinner times fun with a fun bamboo dinner set, in a fun shape. Many bamboo dinner plates include a silicone suction pad, which secures the plate to the table during dinnertime. Ideal for toddlers and a great future gift for a baby. 

9. Musical Rainmaker toy

Babies and toddlers will both love a rainmaker toy, which makes a gentle tinkling sound when you turn it upside down. Rainmakers are great sensory toys and will provide lots of entertainment for babies and toddlers. 

10. Christmas Outfit

Get your little ones ready for the big Christmas dinner with a festive outfit. Toddlers will love wearing something red and fancy and you don't have to buy a new outfit. Look for second-hand Christmas outfits or rent a Christmas day outfit from Borro. 

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