Feeding Your Baby Away From Home: Money-saving Tips On Baby Food

Weaning your baby is a fun and exciting time, however, eating out and about can be challenging as your baby experiences new foods. Although many babies are eager to try new things, it can be difficult to order food for babies under a year old when you are in cafes or restaurants. Often the kids' meals are not suitable for babies and eating out is expensive, so you don't want to order food that won't be eaten. 

Premade baby food is convenient, however, it isn't always the best option, and that too can add to costs. Making food at home is a great way to keep costs low and guarantees that you will have something your baby likes to eat. 

So we have made a list of the best baby-weaning foods you can make at home, and the best tips for eating out with a young baby to help you save money, and keep your baby satisfied.

Test food with your baby at home 

baby led weaning

Making sure your baby likes the food that you plan to take out with you will help reduce food waste. Although babies can change their minds about food, they usually have favourites. It's also a great idea to practise eating finger foods at home. Help your baby get used to holding breadsticks, sliced vegetables, and using a spoon for yogurts and purées. Practise with a non-breakable plate that you can take out with you, so your baby is more prepared for meal times outside of the house. 

Ideal weaning foods

Food that is easy to pick up by your baby, that does not need to be heated up is ideal for taking out and about. Here are some great low-cost options that are easy to prepare in advance for 8 months to one-year-olds. 

  • Pitta bread fingers
  • Sliced cucumber, pepper and carrot batons
  • Breadsticks with peanut butter
  • Grated cheese 
  • Yogurt - you can buy a large tub and portion it into smaller containers which is cheaper than buying yogurt pouches. Just don't forget their spoon. 
  • Tortilla wraps spread with cream cheese.

Food to prepare in advance

To add to the options you can take on the go, these ideas need only a little bit of prep but make for great finger-food options for babies. 

  • Hard-boiled eggs 
  • Shredded cooked meat such as chicken or lamb.
  • Fruit purées: Some fruits like bananas are easy to eat on the go, whereas fruits like apples need peeling. You can easily make fruit purées at home by gently stewing fruit and then mashing or puréeing them. You can also freeze portions, so you always have some ready, and then just defrost either on the go or the night before. 
  • Fritters: Fritters are easy to make and can be eaten cold. You can add soft veggies and cheese to make them more tasty. 
  • Mini egg muffins. These are great and are cheap to make. To a beaten egg add your choice of fillings such as grated cheese, carrot, or courgette. Bake in an oven at 180C for 10 minutes then let them cool. 

Invest in quality food containers

Investing in good-quality food containers will make transporting food easier. Food containers with air-tight lids will also help to keep food fresh, which is especially important if you are transporting fruit, veg, or any food that has the potential to spill. 

Pack a dinner plate

Make eating out easier by taking your own baby plate. You can buy a small silicone bowl or bamboo plate or use the food containers that carry the food in as dishes to make feeding fuss-free. 

We hope this list gives you some great ideas and makes your next outing with your little one more enjoyable when it comes to mealtimes.

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