Nesting – make life easy once you have your baby

Having a baby is a wonderful experience for many mums to be, however, it can also be an overwhelming time, especially for first-time mothers. There are many things you need to buy, and many ways you need to prepare, both in terms of your physical self and also within your home environment.

As pregnancy progresses many expectant mothers feel the urge to prepare their homes for the arrival of their baby, which is often referred to as ‘nesting’. Preparing your home so it is comfortable and ready for your baby will make your life easier when you are in the first few weeks of living with a newborn.

This article will discuss the best ways to prepare your home for the arrival of your baby.

1. Prepare cooked meals in advance

The first few weeks of newborn life go by in a blur. You are up all hours of the day and night feeding, changing, and caring for your baby. So cooking is the last thing you will want to do when you are sleep deprived. Cooking meals in advance and freezing them for when your baby is here will help make your life easier. Friends and family can also cook dishes if they ask you how they can help.

Cook meals in advance while pregnant

2. Clean

The last few months of pregnancy are the ideal time to clean your living environment, making sure your baby has a nice clean space to come home to. Clean flooring, wash as much laundry as you can, and change your bedding. These will all be tasks that you will be too tired to do once your baby arrives. Ask for help from relatives and friends if you struggle to complete some of the tasks you need to.

3. Prepare your baby's clothes

Prepare all your baby's clothes in advance by washing them. If you are renting your baby clothes, there's no need to prewash them unless you receive items that are new with tags on. It's recommended to wash new items as newborn baby skin is very sensitive and often new baby clothes hold dust and particles from production. The last few months of pregnancy are the ideal time for preparing your baby's clothes and accessories. You can preorder your rented items by using code PREGNANT which will give you one month free 0-3 month clothes, meaning you can order in advance and not be out of pocket. Make sure you also have baby socks and hats ready too as newborns need to stay cosy.

0-3 month baby rented clothes

4. Declutter

Before your baby arrives make the most of the time you have by decluttering your space. Once your baby arrives your home will be full of baby essentials from prams to baby wipes. So making sure you have a clear and clutter-free environment will help you to make space for your baby and keep a clear mind.

Pack away anything you want to keep but are not currently using and clear spaces that you intend to use when the baby comes. Sell or give away anything you no longer have a use for. It will be a lot easier to declutter now than when you have a baby around.

5. Build baby furniture

If you haven't already, now is the perfect time to build that baby cot or install that car seat. Knowing that you have all the essentials up and ready for your baby will give you peace of mind and allow you to relax in the final weeks of your pregnancy. Plus you will be extra prepared in case your baby arrives early.

The last few months of pregnancy can be very helpful in preparing for life with a newborn. There are many small jobs you can do in the last few weeks before your baby arrives that will greatly help you later. Cooking meals and preparing your home ready to bring your baby home will help you feel calm and will allow you to entirely focus on time with your new bundle of joy.

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