Where to get sustainable, affordable maternity clothes

As a first time mum-to-be, it can be a mystery where to buy maternity clothes. On the high street there’s JoJo Maman Bébé (not the most affordable), or the maternity ranges in big fast fashion chains like H&M (not the most sustainable). It can also be hard to know what exactly you need and so many of us end up with clothes we never wear or which don’t fit. Here’s four top hacks to save money and save the planet:

1. Rent your maternity clothes

When you only need clothes for a few months it just makes sense to rent them, or so we think ;)

Try these maternity rental sites:

  • Belles and babes - 6 items for £25/month - great for an affordable capsule wardrobe
  • For the Creators - pricing depends what items you choose and how long you want to rent them for - great for occasionwear and designer items. You can also buy new and preloved clothes.
  • Isabella Oliver Rental - items priced individually - great for workwear

Don’t stop renting when you’ve had your baby - check out our baby clothes to rent!

Make your maternity clothes last

2. Reuse your existing clothes

You may have heard that the most sustainable item is the one you already own. You might be able to extend the life of your jeans by buying a waistband extender which allows you to wear your jeans unzipped (covering your modesty with a piece of fabric) and attaches to your existing button and buttonhole. Alternatively you can get a bellyband which is a piece of stretchy fabric which covers the gap between your trousers and top.

Raid your partner’s drawers for any bigger tops or PJ bottoms you can use as loungewear. Likewise ask any friends who’ve had children if they have any maternity wear they’re not using - they may be happy to get rid of it!  

Reuse your existing clothes as maternity wear

3. Shop secondhand

There is a huge market for secondhand maternity clothing. People are often selling bundles which can save money and also the carbon footprint of lots of separate deliveries. Secondhand especially makes sense for maternity occasionwear or workwear that will get a limited use.

Try these sites: Vinted, eBay, Dress My Bump, Second Snuggle, Isabella Oliver Preloved

Or these dedicated Facebook groups:

4. Make them last

To solve the problem of only needing your maternity clothes for a few months, make sure you get something that you can wear post pregnancy as well. If you’re thinking about breastfeeding,  try and buy maternity clothes that have discreet zips or flaps which make them breastfeeding friendly. Here are some great brands where the clothes don’t look so ‘maternity’ and are designed to make you feel amazing pre and post baby:

See our post Baby items I’m still using 6 years on to see our top picks for maternity clothes that will last.

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