Your Little One’s Winter Wardrobe Made Easy

Autumn is officially here! Which means leaves are going to start falling, and it’s about to get a lot chillier around here. I for one feel like it’s dropping quite cold already. And with that in mind, it’s time to start introducing some cosier clothing into your little one’s wardrobe. For some that might seem like a bit of a daunting task… Needing to find everything from snuggly sleep bags to winter coats that don’t cost a fortune, but Borro has got your back Mumma! Here is everything your little one needs this autumn/winter season at a fraction of the price!

1. Jumpers and cardigans

There’s nothing quite like a snuggly jumper or fleecy cardi to help your little one fight off the cold. It is definitely one item that is bound to be used over and over so it’s certainly worth having a few of them. Try a button-up knitted cardigan like this Sunny yellow one from Kite for kids that don’t like pullover clothes, or this Chunky fleece lined Leopard jumper made from 100% GOTS organic cotton, perfect for even the coldest weather.

My first cardi yellow

2. Long-sleeved bodysuits or PJs

No one wants to be too cold at night so getting the right sleepy time clothing is essential! Your child’s age will depend on what you are specifically looking for but opting for something long-sleeved is always a safe bet regardless of age. 

For below 1 year

For 0-3 months, try this beautiful Otter Sleepsuit from Piccalilly for only £2.25 a month! For 3-6 months or 9-12 months, this cute breathable dolphin zip sleep suit is a great pick with fold-over scratch mitts to keep all their little fingers warm.

From 1-4 years

If you have an older child opting for full-length trouser options as well as sleeves is great to help them stay snuggly on those more bitter nights. These slim fit space time PJs will definitely let your little one snooze in comfort and style.

3. Winter coats and puddle suits

Now we all know how essential a good winter coat is for this season, but especially so for our little ones. Coats like this ecolight raincoat by Muddy Puddles are faultless picks for the young adventurer who loves to get out there and splash around. And if you’re looking for something for the particularly messy adventurer, why not opt for this ladybird puddle pack suit? Full coverage for when they want to go splashing about in those rain puddles!

Ladybird puddlepack suit

4. Hats

Seeing as our little ones lose a lot of heat from their heads, if you are going to be out and about it’s important they have a cosy hat for those chillier days. Something like this Ribbed hat by Mori is always a good call to keep them snug or this beautiful Floral pink knotted hat by Pigeon Organics that can be worn with matching kimono romper for top-tier cute cosiness.

5. Dungarees

Another not-so-obvious but great essential for these colder months is dungarees! Especially cord dungarees that will help them retain more heat, and when paired with a long sleeve tee or bodysuit, make for great winter wear. These lined green cord dungarees are ideal for the season.

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