Our charity - Choose Love

With every order you make, we make a donation towards buying baby essentials from our partner charity Choose Love. 

We all know that being a parent can sometimes be tough. But can you imagine giving birth in a refugee camp far away from home, with no nappies, clothes, or essential supplies to help take care of your new baby? Every order includes a donation towards baby essentials which will help parents take care of their little ones.

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Choose Love was born from a movement that shows in the face of apathy and injustice, we don’t have to stand by and watch. They support over 150 grassroots projects in Europe, the UK, the Middle East and on the US-Mexico Border. Filling the gaps where larger NGOs and governments can’t or won’t act, they support everything from lifesaving search and rescue boats, to food provision, legal support and safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ refugees and unaccompanied children.