Our values

For us, it's all about sustainability. This underpins everything - it's the whole reason the company exists. But it's not just about reducing the amount of CO2 we pump out, or the amount of water we use, we need a holistic approach that works with the earth and the people on it to create a future for all our little ones. That's why we love organic cotton because it protects the soil and the people working it for the future. That's why we carefully choose brands that pay the people making the clothes a fair wage. The values below are what we've founded this company on and please do hold us accountable to them!

Leave the world better than you found it

- Make a positive environmental impact

Progress over perfection

- We don't expect the company or our customers to be perfect, we accept failure but keep moving forwards

Support and inspire others

- Rather than judging, be compassionate and inspire others

We don't inherit the earth, we borrow it