Save money on breastfeeding clothes

If you are planning to breastfeed you will have likely thought about breastfeeding clothing and wondered whether you need it. Breastfeeding is a great way to feed your baby and can save you money on buying formula and bottles. However, when you start to look at nursing bras, breast pads and specific breastfeeding clothing the costs can add up. 

In this article, we will discuss some money-saving tips when it comes to breastfeeding clothes, how to utilise the clothing you already have, and which items are worth investing in.

So if you are planning to breastfeed, read on for some excellent ways to save money on breastfeeding clothing.

What is breastfeeding clothing?

Breastfeeding clothing is clothing that has been specifically adapted for breastfeeding. This type of clothing will have hidden openings or necklines that make breastfeeding easier. However, there are many ways you can breastfeed easily without splashing out on expensive clothing that you likely will not wear again after you finish breastfeeding.

What is essential for breastfeeding?

Although you can adapt and layer your clothing for breastfeeding I would advise that you invest in a few good breastfeeding bras. Unlike regular bras, breastfeeding bras are stretchy, and supportive and have clasps to make access to your breasts easier. If you buy just one item for breastfeeding, make it a good breastfeeding bra.

Breastfeeding bra

Use what you already have

If you have invested in maternity clothes while you were pregnant you may be able to adapt these items of clothing for breastfeeding. Many maternity clothes have a dual purpose for maternity wear and breastfeeding and their roomy size can make it easy to breastfeed.

Types of breastfeeding clothing

One-up one-down

You can use the one-up one-down method with practically any item of clothing, all you need is a stretchy vest top. By wearing your vest top as the base layer, you can layer any top over it. When you come to breastfeed you simply pull the top layer up and the vest down to feed your baby. This is also a discreet way of breastfeeding that offers little exposure.

This was my go-to option as I bought very few breastfeeding clothes. I found the one-up one-down method is versatile and easy to incorporate into most outfits.

Breastfeeding with one up one down

Dresses with leggings

If you enjoy wearing dresses and you don't have any with a button-down front or a low neckline, carry a pair of very high-waisted black leggings with you. When you come to breastfeed, put on the leggings and pull them up over your torso, you will then be able to lift your dress to feed your baby without exposing your lower half. I used this trick a few times as I was breastfeeding in summer and it was too hot to wear lots of layers.

Button-down shirts or dresses

Button-down shirts and dresses are easy to breastfeed in as they can be unbuttoned as required. If you pair a shirt with a stretchy vest top you will be able to pull your vest to one side when you breastfeed.

Breastfeeding with button shirt dress

Carry a muslin blanket

If you are conscious of exposing yourself when breastfeeding or want more privacy for you and your baby, large muslin blankets are perfect for covering up. They are breathable so won’t make your baby too hot and they are a multi-purpose item that you can sling into your baby bag for breastfeeding on the go.

There are plenty of ways you can use the clothes you already have in your wardrobe for breastfeeding. With some careful planning around the seasons, and purchasing a good breastfeeding bra and a basic cami or vest top, you will be able to adapt most of your pre-birth outfits into outfits you can breastfeed in, without breaking the bank. 

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