Five Things Mums Actually Want for Mother’s Day

As Mother’s Day approaches, you might be thinking about how you’d like to spend the day with your loved ones. As a mum receiving flowers and chocolates are lovely gestures, however thoughtful gifts or activities can create special memories that last beyond one day. 

As a fellow mum, sometimes what we want is simple. A relaxing day to yourself is a great Mother’s Day gift, or doing a fun activity with your children, especially if they are small, is a great way to spend the day. 

We have compiled five great ideas for an alternative Mother’s Day that celebrates the efforts you offer your family. So read on if you are looking for some ideas to send to your partner or family so you can celebrate Mother's Day in a way that is perfect for you. 

1. Relaxation day 

You deserve a break after your tireless dedication throughout the year. Getting a day to unwind and recharge is the ultimate show of appreciation. Ask your partner, or family if they can arrange to take the kids out to the park or the local soft play, so you get some precious moments alone.

Once you get the place to yourself, gather up your favourite snacks and put on some soothing music, grab that book you have been wanting to read or queue up a movie you have been waiting to watch. Once everything is set up, sit back and let yourself enjoy the day to the fullest while the kids are taken care of. Once they are back you will feel refreshed and ready for some family time.

2. Kid-free night out 

As a Mum, you are likely the one organising everything from playdates to birthday celebrations. However, the constant role as the primary organiser can become tiring, often overshadowing the enjoyment of the activity itself. So a night out, free from the responsibilities of parenting, and organised entirely by someone else is an amazing gift.  

Ask your partner or friend if they can sort out an evening for you which could include a meal at your favourite restaurant, a cosy cinema date, or tickets to a new show. The key is to relinquish the organising to someone else, enjoy the experience and create a memorable night out.

3. Family photoshoot

Looking for a family-oriented gift? A family photoshoot is a wonderful way to capture moments often missed. As a Mum, you are probably the one always taking the photos so a photoshoot ensures everyone is part of the memories. For a special touch on Mother’s Day, consider making it a joint gift, including Grandmothers for multi-generation photos.

To find a photographer, start local and check community groups for recommendations. If hiring a photographer stretches the budget, consider renting digital SLR cameras and tripods from your local library. This way, you can create intimate family photos in the comfort of your own home, or a nearby park. 

4. Precious keepsakes

Mother's Day is the perfect occasion to create a beautiful keepsake to honour the love and special bond between a mother and her children. Here are some wonderful ideas that combine a creative activity with making a special keepsake: 

  • Get the kids to make a personalised Mother's Day Card that showcases their special and loving art skills. 
  • Capture tiny handprints or footprints on air dry clay, by gently pressing your child’s hands or feet onto rolled-out clay circles. 
  • Make a scrapbook with photos and notes, of treasured moments, that can be looked back on to relive special memories. 
  • Set up a custom jewellery station where you can make DIY jewellery with the kids. Collect colourful alphabet beads so the kids can create bracelets or necklaces with their names or their initials on them as gifts. 

5. Fun Mother's Day activities with the kids

Create some treasured memories together by organising some fun and meaningful activities for all the family to enjoy. 

  • Explore nature together by taking a walk through a nearby wood. Engage the kids with nature by looking for pretty plants, interesting trees and listening to the sounds of wildlife. 
  • Cooking or baking together is a wonderful way to bond together on Mother’s Day. Make a favourite recipe or try something new and ensure to involve the children to make for some fun memories and interesting results. 
  • Snuggle up on the sofa and enjoy a family movie. Make a cosy area with blankets and pillows and put on a heartwarming family film to snuggle down to with your favourite movie snacks. 

Whether you are enjoying the day relaxing solo or creating everlasting memories together, these ideas go beyond a simple gift and hopefully are something you will appreciate beyond Mother's Day. 

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