Five Ways to Make Easter Fun

Are you looking for some fun Easter activities to do with the kids during the holidays? Easter is a great chance to spend quality time with your little ones, introduce them to Easter traditions, and enjoy creating things together. 

To ensure you make treasured memories we have compiled five fantastic ways to make this Easter a joy-filled occasion. Our activities include something for children of varying ages such as fun Easter crafts, traditional bakes, and exciting treasure hunts.

We have also included some Easter dressing tips to make sure your loved littles look the part when the Easter bunny arrives.  

1. Easter crafts galore

Get creative with the kids with these easy Easter craft ideas:

  • For toddlers keep crafts simple and fun with activities like finger-painting paper eggs or making fluffy cotton-ball bunnies.
  • Paper plates make great craft tools that you can use to make cute chicks or stamp egg shapes. 
  • For older kids dive into more intricate crafts like DIY Easter baskets woven with recycled paper or create colourful Easter wreaths.
  • You can also get creative by decorating eggs with various techniques like using natural vegetable dyes, stencils, or sticker art.

2. Baking fun 

Baking is a great activity for any age, as tasks can be tailored to your children’s abilities. Children can be very capable when it comes to baking whether it's stirring mixtures or carefully weighing ingredients.

  • No-bake treats such as Rice Krispies chocolate nests are easy for toddlers who can have fun decorating them with sprinkles and mini eggs. 
  • Sugar cookies can be baked in advance for children of any age to decorate with icing and Easter sprinkles. 
  • Traditional Easter-themed cakes can be baked with the help of older children who can crack eggs, weigh ingredients, and stir mixtures. 

3. Egg-citing Easter Hunt

A classic Easter egg hunt is an exciting activity for children of all ages. Decide on where you want to hunt to take place, whether this is in your garden, or around your home. Create colourful Easter egg shapes out of paper to act as clues, and plant sweet treats, eggs, or small toys for your children to find.

To make the hunt more challenging for older children, leave riddles or clues leading to various hiding spots. For a little bit of extra magic, you could also leave a carrot and bunny-shaped footprints at the end of the trail, as a sign the Easter bunny has been. 

4. Easter story-time or movie marathon

A heart-warming Easter story or a cosy movie marathon is a calm activity that is the ideal way to spend quality time together. Toddlers will enjoy the activity of reading a fun-filled picture book with interactive flaps and textures. Whereas older children will appreciate snuggling down with snacks and an Easter movie the whole family will love, such as "Hop" or "Peter Rabbit". 

5. Effortless Easter outfits

Dressing for Easter activities can be fun with lots of bright colours and pretty pastels. However, you don't have to spend lots of money on a new outfit. Renting children's clothing is an affordable and sustainable option, where you can rent clothes for as long as you need them for. 

Borro has some great outfits perfect for Easter such as this cute Rabbit t-shirt or these bunny-print baby bodysuits.

Whereas older children might prefer a stylish Easter outfit such as a pastel-coloured dress or bunny-print bow tie with a smart shirt. Incorporate Easter-themed accessories like hair clips or Easter printed socks for a festive touch.

Make Easter a memorable moment

This Easter, get creative with the kids and engage your children in a variety of enjoyable activities. Whether it's crafting, baking, hunting for eggs, or dressing up in festive attire, these ideas will surely make a delightful and memorable Easter for the entire family.

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