Crisis of confidence

This week was all about people and skills and I felt like I'd come a long way since a few weeks ago when I found it really hard to imagine having anyone else in my business. But at the end of the week I had a bit of a wobble.

After speaking to a few people who were interested in working in impact-focused startups, I realised I'd been talking about my business assuming they wouldn't be interested in joining. When one of my mentors asked me to come up with reasons why people might want to work for me, I was honestly stumped, and felt a bit overwhelmed. Luckily he boosted my confidence and made me realise there were loads of reasons I would be a good boss and someone would get a lot out of working with Borro, but it made me think.

I've always thought of myself as fairly confident, but the idea of going out into the startup world and pitching for investment or hiring people is pretty scary. I think that renting really is the way forward, but perhaps I'm not good enough yet at convincing other people that's the case! This is definitely something I think I need to work on for myself, not just the business. Luckily I'm chatting to a confidence coach this week so fingers crossed she can help!

So if you are actually interested in working for a startup and this blog hasn't put you off(!) please do send me an email at or connect on Linkedin.

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