What I Discovered About Subscribing to Children’s Clothes That Surprised Me

When I had my first baby I was like most first-time parents, happy to buy everything new, and I had to make sure everything was perfect. I was blissfully unaware of how much money everything would cost.

So I was a little shocked when my daughter grew out of all her clothes within three months and I began the cycle of sorting, donating, and buying. It was a process that just didn't sit right with me and baby clothes were expensive. I wanted to dress my daughter in eco-conscious clothing, but many eco-brands were out of my price range. 

I looked in charity shops for bargains and accepted donations from friends and family but I always ended up needing to buy something new as my options were limited. 

My daughter is now six years old and although there are more options to buy second-hand using apps like Vinted and Facebook, when I heard about subscribing to kids' clothes I was intrigued. 

The more I researched how subscriptions for kids' clothes works the more I became sold on the idea and a new world of sustainable eco-friendly clothing was available to me. I just wish I had these options when my daughter was a baby. 

How easy is subscribing? 

Many brands are offering subscription services for kids clothing and I was surprised at how easy the process seemed. Choosing clothing is similar to online shopping, you just make an account and browse the options available. Each clothing item is priced at its monthly rental price and I was amazed that prices started as low as £1 per month. 

I thought this was a great idea as children, especially babies grow so fast and I know with my first child it wasn't long before I had a huge pile of clothes that no longer fit her. 

You get to keep them for as long as you need them, and you just pay the monthly price. Then when you are finished you return the items, so you don't end up with a huge pile of clothes, and even better another little one gets to wear them too. You can even choose items such as baby sleeping bags, hats, swimwear, and winter wear. 

Make huge savings

Toddler in a rented snowsuit

Living in England, I have to buy a new set of clothes for every season because my daughter outgrows clothes so quickly and the weather varies so much! Buying a new wardrobe for her every three months is getting expensive, especially when you factor in seasonal items like thick winter coats. So I was pleasantly surprised to discover how affordable subscribing can be. 

For example, a warm winter snowsuit for a baby costs £5 per month, which works out to be £15 for the winter season. This is a huge saving on buying this item new (which retails for £51), and it's from a sustainable brand. What's more, when my child has finished with it other children will enjoy it too and I don't have a massive bundle of clothing to sort through and try to donate or resell. This is ideal for families who are looking to make eco-friendly choices with their kid's clothes.

Subscribing saves precious time. 

I dislike how much time and effort I spend sorting through my daughter's clothing, figuring out what fits and what new items she needs. Buying and sorting clothes for your kids is time-consuming and you can never be sure they are going to always like them. 

Subscribing helps reduce this. I save time I would usually spend sorting out clothes and photographing them to resell or carting them to the charity shop. I just rent what I need for that season and then return it. I don't even have to wash it and if my daughter has been a bit messy it's no problem because the clothes are covered for stains and damage in the price of renting them. 

Plus if my daughter doesn't like the clothes I have picked for her it's not a big deal, I can just exchange them for something else that she loves. She can even browse the options herself, input her style choices, and choose a whole wardrobe based on her preferences. 

Subscribing has changed my buying habits

Now that I know how affordable and easy subscribing can be I always consider it before purchasing something new for my daughter. It's a great option for parents looking to cut down on clothing costs while also making sustainable choices. 

Had I known about it when my daughter was a baby I would have been using it sooner as babies grow so quickly. I now recommend subscription services for children's clothes to all my friends expecting babies as it's such a great way to cut down on clothing waste and reduce the mountain of baby clothing you have to wash and sort through. 

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